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Molinari History

It was brothers Joseph and Peter Molinari whom founded the Domus Molinari Srl in 1934 and its main focus since has been the manufacture of iron and steel rod going through all the changes of the times and technology whithin the industry over the last 80 years to produce the products they supply today.


At Domus Molinari the company operates in two quite separate areas:

1.  The design, construction and marketing to retailers of bird cages, cages for farm animals and related accessories


2 The study, design and production of household items and details industrial wire, with particular importance to the production cycle is given by the fact that the company itself is responsible internally also some finishing (laminating, soldering iron wire and polishing of steel wire)


In recent years for logistical they opened a Store in a Villaguardia, just outside Como, which has also greatly favoured customers with regard to transport.


Domus Molinari is not limited to within Italy, but has now reached almost all parts of the world with Essex Bird Centre being appointed the sole distributor in the UK & Ireland.